Apply below for KHOC Housing Supports Case Management Services and/or KHOC’s Shared Housing Program.

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    To qualify you must be homeless or housing unstable, make below 50% of Kitsap County's median income (approx. $40,000/year), and be a person with a mental health need and/or have used substances in the past or present (including alcohol, cannabis, illegal drugs, etc.).
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    Please visit Kitsap Community Resources before submitting an application.

    Other ways to apply:

    If you prefer to download the application as a PDF file and fill it out manually, the download link is provided below.
    Please submit completed applications as an email attachment to or as a fax to the number 360-785-2440.

    Questions or difficulties regarding the application?

    Call us at 360-245-0385 or email us at

    Visit us and fill out an application at our new office, located at 247 4th St in Bremerton, WA 98337.

    Last Updated: May 21st, 2024