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Interested in helping support KHOC’s mission? Join us as a volunteer! Contact Madison at or call our office at 360-245-0385 for more information. Fill out an application to begin the process.

You will be joining a team of fun, dynamic individuals who have compassion for people in need. All members of our volunteer team will receive training which includes watching online training videos, reading training material, and mentoring by a staff person.  Every job has flexible time requirements, designed to fit into your schedule. All positions are part-time, most requiring less than 5 hours per week. If you find that after volunteering for a while you cannot continue, we will be grateful for the time you were able to contribute.

We need House Managers! No experience necessary: we will train you. The House Manager’s goal is to assist and advise the home’s residents in adjusting to living peacefully in a shared living environment. The HM is expected to meet with residents on a regular basis at the home to help facilitate the residents’ meetings and encourage self-management in the home. The HM must be available to the residents outside of regular work hours via text and/or phone, in case of emergencies.

Home Owners

Why it is a good idea to lease your home to Kitsap Homes of Compassion:

Guaranteed rent: The lease between KHOC and the owner/management company is cosigned by someone with high income and assets to take financial responsibility for the home. Residents pay a monthly fee to KHOC and rent is paid automatically to the owner/management company from the KHOC business account. 

Extra insurance: A special insurance KHOC policy for houses with high coverage will be written and the owner/management company will be added as “additionally insured”.

Frequent check-ins: The staff monitor the condition of the home regularly. If minor repairs are needed, the KHOC maintenance staff will make the repairs themselves; we will take care of your property.

Long-term tenant: KHOC wants to be your “tenant” for many years, saving you the hassle of tenant turnover. 

No pets & no overnight guests: Our strict house rules forbid any pets or overnight guests.

Background checks: KHOC conducts a national criminal background check on applicants and we do not allow people with violent crime records in the last 3 years or anyone on the sex offender list. Most of our residents have no criminal record whatsoever.

No management fee: We will essentially manage your property for you and charge you NO management fee.