This menu provides a list of the key documents. Those interested in KHOC housing and/or receiving case management services, can download and complete the Prescreening Questionnaire and the Program Application and give it to your KCR Housing Solutions Center navigator or email it to Once your application is submitted, you should hear from a KHOC representative within approximately one week.

Program Application – This is a short, 2-page application.

Resident Lease Agreement – This is the contract that each member signs to become a member and live in the shared home. This agreement is the legal basis governing the details of their participation in the program and being a member in the home (joining the “KHOC family”) is part of that program. A Background Check by KHOC with a $20 fee is required before signing the lease

Volunteer Application Want to get involved? Please fill out this form so we can find the best place for you to help out.

Are you a landlord? Email to receive more information on how to work with KHOC!

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