Starting in 2023, KHOC is providing Housing First Services thanks to a grant from the Washington Health Care Authority. KHOC also utilizes the Foundational Community Supports program to assist Medicaid-eligible individuals.


Housing Support Services work to solve homelessness by providing housing as soon as possible. 

KHOC’s Housing First Services

Get information and referrals for housing, access to survival gear and other barrier removal services, and Peer-delivered support.

Housing Specialists and Housing Navigators provide case management so you can:

  • Find resources available to help get and keep housing
  • Get help with connecting to other services you might want or need
  • Engage with those services (we’ll meet you where you’re at!)
  • Learn about what gets in the way of you getting and staying housed
  • Work through any speed bumps (finances, transportation, move-in needs, etc.) together

People who receive Housing First Services have a better chance at thriving, not just surviving because they can get stable and become and/or stay employed, reach academic success, and find financial security. 

The Housing First model has shown to decrease:

  • New homeless episodes
  • Hospital stays
  • Use of public services
  • Emergency calls 
  • Arrests
  • Under-treated mental health symptoms
  • Substance use

Housing Specialists (HS) work with individuals to find housing of their choice. The housing process may take time to complete, as income and housing availability can be limited. HS help program participants look for housing opportunities and assist them with finding applicable resources that they need. Peer Support Counselors (PSC) are available to help with breaking barriers where possible, and finding resources and supports that are useful. PSC have a wide array of knowledge and their own life experiences to help individuals on their journey to stable housing and wellbeing.

As a program participant there are a few things you can do to help you be successful in our program. Your responsibilities include the following:

  • Regular communication with staff members especially regarding appointments (Let us know if you are unable to make scheduled appointments so we can reschedule at a more convenient time. A series of missed appointments without contact may lead to discharge from services.)
  • Engagement in housing first activities. Our model is built heavily on individual choice; we are here to support you and your effort is necessary as well!
  • Treat others with respect in KHOC offices and program sites. Harassment is strictly prohibited.