Once your application is submitted, a member of KHOC staff will contact you within three working days. If you have any issues with the form, questions about the application process, or need assistance–contact Kristin Cole, our Housing Coordinator. Kristin manages our application process, including this form, phone assessments, waitlist, and move-ins. Reach her by phone, text, or email. kristin.cole@kitsaphoc.org; 360-209-3235. Please leave a detailed message to ensure your call is promptly returned.

    (or where you are currently sleeping)

    (list all felonies, and any misdemeanors from the past 3 years)

    (describe your history with drugs & alcohol, include clean date if you have one)

    (someone who knows you well)

    (how do they know you?)

    (examples: specific city/area, amenities, roommate personalities, etc)

    (skip if you are filling this out for yourself)

    If you are filling this out for someone else, please let us know who you are:

    (KHOC may contact you in cases of inability to reach applicant, to verify their contact information)